Trade Level Insights with Samco

Insights at the trade level serve as crucial pieces of information, providing a comprehensive overview of both the performance and risk associated with your trades. These insights typically result from a meticulous analysis of each of your past trades. For traders, gaining access to trade-level insights is invaluable, as it enables informed decision-making and facilitates improvements in overall trading performance.

3 types of trade level insights you get with the Samco trading app:

  1. Trade round view
    Most trading strategies have two legs. The first leg involves a buy or sell trade, whereas the second leg involves a square-off trade. The trade book of most stock trading applications only groups your trades chronologically. This makes it harder to get a comprehensive picture of your trading strategy.

  2. Trade level insights
    Trade level insights give you a quick overview of the nature of each trade you make. With the ‘My Trade Story’ feature in the app, you can dissect each trade into the following 4 different actions:
    Fresh initiations
    Average up, average down, or average at a cost
    Partially booking winners or losers
    Fully unwinding winners or losers

  3. Performance level insights
    As a trader, you also need to be aware of the performance of each trade you enter into. The new-gen Samco trading app classifies your trades into two categories based on how they have performed relative to your benchmark index:
    Outperforming trades
    Underperforming trades

This sums up how the trade-level insights offered by the next-generation Samco trading app assist in evaluating the efficacy of your trading strategies.

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