Strike price is mandatory in Option chain Api

why strike price is mandatory in option chain api?
As per documentaion and also v2 option chain api only providing searchSymbolName, exchange and expiry was enough to fetch entire option chain

The old version is working fine. We’ve noted your query and will inform you once the new version is updated to meet your requirements

Till when can we expect this to be ressolved

We have received your query and kindly request some time to address the issue you’re facing.

I see that in the documentation, the strike price is marked as required. Can you tell me if there are any plans to change this API and make it more like version 2? In version 2, we used to get the full option chain, but it seems like the BSE option chain is not available in version 2. Also, in version 3, we can’t get the full option chain API, which is useless as you already have multiquote API to get indivisual strike quote.

If there are no plans to change this API, please let us know clearly. In that case, we will start exploring Upstox or some other broker, which provides a full option chain. My strategies rely on having access to the full option chain.

Currently, including the strike price is mandatory. We’ve acknowledged your request and will make the required adjustments. Once these changes are completed, we’ll update you on the removal of the strike price requirement. Furthermore, the BSE option chain is functional in the Samco Trade API v3.0. To access it, please download the latest ScripMaster.csv from the following link: ScripMaster.csv. After downloading, search for the BFO segment to find Futures and Options data.