Stock Recommendations on Telegram 🎉

Did you know?
SEBI reported that 95% of trades end in loss, often due to unreliable advice.

To address this issue, we have developed features like Personal Index and My Trade Story that empower our users with the analysis of their trading performance. The next step was to empower them with recommendations from the right experts.

Understanding that a lot of unsolicited recommendations are floated across various mediums, we are offering all traders instant recommendations straight from the trading desk of our research experts just like this :point_down:t4:

All you need to do is follow us on our Telegram channel to get access to these recommendations

Here’s our Telegram Channel Link :wink:

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Our Telegram channel has grown by 31% after the popularity of our recommendations. Another interesting number is that 21 of our trade recommendations hit targets or booked profits.

If you are looking for instant research-backed recommendations, do follow our TELEGRAM CHANNEL

We had 3 profitable trade exits yesterday on our Telegram Channel. How many profitable trades did you book today?

If you are looking for instant research-backed recommendations, do follow our TELEGRAM CHANNEL

Before making a trade, do you check Telegram groups to get a sense of the market chatter?

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Better to track recommendation and analysis in one group and updates on other, to avoid all things in one group.

Interesting insight @Chiru, thanks for sharing that with us

Just out of curiosity - do you follow one expert in both groups for recommendations/ analysis and market updates or do you look for individual subject matter experts?

Recommendations should be a separate ones, so it would be easy to track when an user holds them. The other group would be same as official channel where all sector, index and other analysis were shared. The moto is to track all stock or option recommendation in one place. Also it would be great to have the Recommendations section in app with history of Recommendations and its status if it is open/target reached/Stoploss etc

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That’s an interesting insight and thanks again for sharing this with us.

Just to clarify on your suggestion of keeping track of all the stock and open positions, we do offer updates when target/ stop loss is hit so that our subscribers can book their profits/ losses in accordance. However, a historic performance of the recommendations is something that we just initiated this month on our Telegram channel. With your feedback, we will definitely work towards making a better experience for everyone.

In case you are looking our for recommendations in one place in our app, you can head to the StockNote Feed from the home window of the app and then head to the Recommendations Notes. Adding a screenshot for your reference.