Samco Market Data - Symbol Limitations

Hi there,
I have implemented SAMCO for my application and I am using SAMCO Market Data for real time update but I am not getting all data, I’ve subscribed the Samco Websocket with around 500 symbols but it is not returning real time data for all symbols, I am missing huge amount of data from real time, is there any limitation on the Websocket Subscription, I can’t find the same mentioned in the documentations, if mentioned please let us know where we can find the limitations or Please guide to implement the same for OPTION CHAINS AND Future Data.

In streaming, we get data based on server traffic, allowing over 200 symbols per tick in a trade API. But we can’t guarantee responses for every symbol as it depends on trading conditions.

Based on the rate limits outlined in the documentation provided at, we adhere strictly to the specified limits when accessing the API endpoints for option chain, future chain, and other relevant data