Introducing Samco's Options B.R.O. - Build, Research & Optimise

In today’s fast-paced trading world, many people jump into the market eager for profit but often lack a clear strategy. This impulsive approach, driven by the desire for financial gain, can lead to unexpected losses in the unpredictable trading environment.

Researching on this further, we delved into the financial records of our traders over a year. What emerged was telling: only 2% of them used hedging strategies, leaving the remaining 98% to face losses without this protective tactic. These traders who did not follow any hedging strategy incurred losses amounting Rs. 66,768 on an average whereas the balance 2% traders actually earned an average profit of Rs. 196,300. Our investigation unveiled a clear trend. Despite varied approaches in the market, a significant majority struggled with losses, navigating the financial landscape without the safeguard of hedging strategies. This highlights the crucial role of strategic decision-making in the unpredictable world of trading.

This was our motivation to build our new product “Options B.R.O.” - An innovative feature that offers options recommendations basis your risk appetite.

Options B.R.O. serves as a comprehensive tool by not only filtering strategies according to users’ views but also internally assessing and rating these strategies. This unique feature enables options traders to streamline their focus, concentrating exclusively on the task of identifying suitable stocks. In other words, Options B.R.O. takes the complexity out of strategy selection and evaluation, empowering traders to make more informed decisions and optimize their efforts in the stock market.

Options B.R.O. provides traders with important metrics like probability of profit, maximum loss, and maximum profit. These metrics empower traders to thoroughly evaluate each potential trade before making a decision. By offering a complete view of potential outcomes, Options B.R.O. helps traders make informed and calculated decisions, boosting their confidence in navigating the complexities of options trading.

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