Introducing My Trade Story

Hello everyone,

I am here today to simplify our unique feature “My Trade Story”

What is My Trade Story?
My Trade Story is a unique feature that offers trading insights after monitoring and analysing a SAMCO customer’s past trades.

Users can think of it as a report card that grades all their trading behaviour to help them figure out areas they need to work on. It primarily works in two parts, i.e. Analytics section and the Trade Spreadsheet.

What information does the analytics section provide?
The analytics section is designed to summarize millions of data points into insights that we like to call the “Andekha Sach” of every trader. What this means is that the section will inform the trader on where they are going wrong and what corrective measures can be taken to improve their performance

To give you a couple of more insights, we have sub-features under this dashboard that validates our Andekha Sach insights.

Trade Spreadsheet
This section gives you complete performance visibility of all the trades where every buy transaction is mapped against its corresponding sell transaction. It also gives unique analytics and groups trades according to the action taken for each trade.

Traders also get insights into their trade strategies which include fresh trade initiations, any averaging done, or any partial or complete square-off of positions. Such insights are also bifurcated into winning and losing trades, so it helps traders understand where they went wrong and what possible changes they can adopt.

If you are looking for more reading material on My Trade Story, you can read this blog or you can always drop a comment and I’ll be happy to answer your queries :smiley: