Importance of Trade Spreadsheet in Trading

The Trade Spreadsheet is a unique feature of the Samco trading software that gives important trade statistics. The Trade Spreadsheet, which is accessible through the app’s “My Trade Story” feature, provides hidden insights — or the #AndekhaSach — at the level of specific trades. These insights might help you comprehend and evaluate your trading performance and pinpoint areas that want improvement.

The Importance of Trade Spreadsheets in Trading:

The insights about the #AndekhaSach that the Trade Spreadsheet offers can be very helpful to all traders, irrespective of their skill levels.
Here’s a closer look at what makes the Trade Spreadsheet an important and must-have tool for all kinds of traders

  1. It helps identify profitable patterns
  2. It optimizes position sizing
  3. It enables accurate determination of entry and exit points
  4. It helps evaluate the risk-reward ratio

The Samco trading app’s Trade Spreadsheet feature is different from a regular trade book that other trading apps provide. It offers extensive analytics and stats for every single trade you make. You can use the #AndekhaSach that you get from the Trade Spreadsheet to understand your trading pattern and improve profitability.

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