Etf sip thru samco


Can i invest in ETF thru samco?


Hi Rishabh, we’d like to inform you that you can invest in ETF through samco.

What are the ETF’s available to trade in Samco?

Sir, you can invest in any listed ETF. I am fully confident that all ETFs are available on the SAMCO platform

Hi, we apologize, but we don’t currently offer all ETFs. However, you can search for it within the Samco app to see if it’s available for trading.

Why all ETFs are not available? As per my knowledge ETFs are listed on NSE and BSE so why are ETFs not available.

Hi @casual_trader, ETFs listed on NSE and BSE are available for trading in Samco app.

Yes, you can definitely invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) through Samco. Their platform allows you to actively trade ETFs throughout the day just like you would with individual stocks [1, 3]. This means you have the flexibility to buy and sell ETFs based on market conditions and your investment strategy.

To get started with ETF investing on Samco, you’ll need to open a Demat account and a trading account. The good news is that Samco offers these accounts for free, making it an accessible option for new investors [1]. Once your accounts are set up, you can browse ETFs listed on Indian exchanges and place orders directly through Samco’s platform.