Data from API and Samco chart does not match

Data from Samco Chart and API does not match. Example: I want to get the data of BankNifty. so I have called endpoint as below BANK&fromDate=2023-11-11 15:03:32&toDate=2023-12-08 14:20:00&interval=5

for candle of “dateTime”: “2023-12-08 14:20:00”, it shows values as below
“dateTime”: “2023-12-08 14:20:00”,
“open”: “47017.4”,
“high”: “47017.4”,
“low”: “46965.05”,
“close”: “46966.25”,
“volume”: “0”

but this does not match with chart , please find attached email for more information

I found same issue with HDFC Bank’s chart. it also does not match the data from API and Chart . 09:03:32&toDate=2023-12-08 10:10:00&interval=5

please let me know if there is any issue at your / my side while calling API .

Hi @prasadg thanks for reaching out to us. Kindly allow us sometime as we’ve escalated this to the relevant team.

The disparity between the Trade API Index Intraday Candle API value and the TradingView chart value is accurate. This divergence arises because, in TradingView, we extract values from 9:15 candles for 5-minute intervals, and for the last 1-minute calculation, we cumulatively use 5-minute candle data. In contrast, in TradeAPI, we retrieve and display values from 9:07 am onwards. We acknowledge this distinction and will ensure to align and maintain consistent values for our future development activities

Hi @karthi_chandran ,
thank you for response.

I found , there are same values showing on Chart IQ, please find screen capture below.

I want to know, how can i verify values which i am getting from Trade API are correct or not? what is correct way to get exact data?

is there any expected time line to resolve this issue ?

When reviewing TradingView, ChartIQ, and TradeAPI, each platform has its specific method for calculating 5-minute candle data. For reliable information, it’s recommended to depend on the consistency of one-minute candle data. We’ve taken note of your inquiry for possible future modifications in TradeAPI.

If I use trade Api , and if it return some value then it will be current market price ?

example if data return from 5 min candle is 10.20, and If I place order at this price, then will get executed at this price or there is some lag in this too ? Or is there any other way by which I can get current market price along with 5 min candle data ?

Using the streaming quote API in Python, as outlined in, allows for accessing tick-by-tick data, offering greater precision than intraday candle data.

Hi @karthi_chandran and team
May I know if said issue has been resolved with new trade apis?

Thank you

ChartIQ is currently unavailable. Therefore, we will review and revise the information using TradingView charts.

Hi @karthi_chandran ,
Thank you for replying.

I want to know if below issue has been resolved or not . Because I found overall there is a lag in data came from old trade api