Data does not return as mentioend in document

I found there is some problem in data returned from trade api.

As per document, mentioned on page:

it should return data in object of indexIntraDayCandleData

  "serverTime": "12/12/19 16:20:11",
  "msgId": "786cdd94-2fc9-4c38-8f14-672ec64dd032",
  "status": "Success",
  "statusMessage": "Index details retrieved successfully.",
  "indexIntraDayCandleData": [
      "dateTime": "2019-11-11 10:01:00",
      "open": "689.9",
      "high": "694.0",
      "low": "682.75",
      "close": "688.0",
      "volume": "600344"

but actually it is returning in object “intradayCandleData” , i tried with below endpoint

[https]:// 50&fromDate=2024-03-22 06:27:04&toDate=2024-04-20 06:27:04&interval=5

    "serverTime": "02/05/24 23:59:42",
    "msgId": "e90cebb5-5c59-4ccc-ab85-38f22c4e4a9e",
    "status": "Success",
    "statusMessage": "Index IntraDay Candle data retrieved successfully",
    "intradayCandleData": [
            "dateTime": "2024-03-22 09:00:00",
            "open": 21831.05,
            "high": 21927.25,
            "low": 21831.05,
            "close": 21898.2,
            "volume": 0

Could you please confirm if there is any issue either in data response from API or document is not up to date?

thank you

There is no change in the response; only the key name ‘intradayCandleData’ has been altered. We have received your request for updating it to match the existing one. Once confirmed, we will notify you in this forum.