Benefits Of Trade API

Samco Trade API is a powerful and free service that allows you to create your own trading platforms or implement your trading strategies and get historical market data, place and manage orders a unique feature provided by Samco Trade API and many more which help you to back test and optimize your trading strategies.

It helps you to ensure seamless and reliable connectivity to the APIs and fast track your development process.

Trade API is a developer tool that provides programmatic access to the Samco trading platform.

This functionality can be used to build various applications, including custom trading platforms and research tools.

1. Zero charges
Don’t Pay any type of fees and subscription to use the Samco’s trade API.

2. 200 orders per second
Execute up to 200 orders per second per user with Samco Trade API one of the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

3. Historical data of 30 years
Can access up to 30 years of historical data for back testing trading strategies and improving your performance.
Samco Trade API offers a wealth of benefits that can greatly enhance your trading and
investment experience.

To know more on how the Trade API can enhance your trading experience, check out our blog

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