4 ways "My Trade Story" helps you learn from past trading mistakes

A typical trader does not have access to a lot of important information that could enhance their trading tactics. Nevertheless, you may close this knowledge gap and gain important insights about your previous trading behaviours and more using the My Trade Story feature on the Samco trading app.

  1. Accounting for the risk-to-reward ratio
    Ignoring a position’s risk-to-reward ratio could result in you taking on too much risk for a trade that yields little to no profit. Using these transactions on a regular basis can result in spiraling losses from which there might be no way out. Use the “My Trade Strory” tool to assess the risk-reward ratios of your trades and come to well-informed judgments that maximize rewards and reduce risk.

  2. Optimizing position sizing
    Position sizing is a trading technique that helps you determine the size of your trade. It can be calculated in terms of: Value (i.e. the total amount of capital involved in the trade) & Quantity (i.e. the number of shares or assets traded). The insights shared by My Trade Story will help you understand and add to profitable positions and limit exposure to loss-making trades.

  3. Factoring in market trends
    You may also get a variety of market trend information using Samco’s trading app, enabling you to determine if the transactions you are making are in line with or against the trend. Positive results could come from either strategy, depending on which way the market moves in the future. But in order to take full advantage of market price swings, you must know which transactions support and defy the prevailing market trend. This insight is provided under My Trade Story

  4. Understanding your past trading patterns
    To truly avoid any trading mistakes you may have previously made, you will have to understand your past trading patterns and their outcomes.

  • Your trading strategies for cash and F&O segments
  • Your sectoral investments in cash and F&O segments
  • Your investments across different market caps in the above segments

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